Create A Nintendo Switch - Full Course

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I want you to design your own Nintendo Switch Console and add your own styling. Including objects, colours and images. Use my design as a template and apply a look unique to you, once completed Please upload your work and share your progress with our community, this is the ideal way to gain feedback, help and advises.

You will be designing your own Nintendo Switch in Blender free software!

You are welcome to deviate from the path and change up the composition/objects to whatever your heart desires!

We will cover all the techniques used to make the final product and material design.

The skills you will learn in this class will directly help you to complete this project and to create something new that will make you proud.

This class will walk you through the below:

  • Introduction To Blender 
  • Downloading Blender & ISO Camera
  • Design Base Model
  • Separate Designs
  • Add Finishing Touches
  • Add Materials
  • Outro

I can't wait to see what everyone creates!

You will need to download these following softwares to get started, it's all free softwares.

  1. Blender Software
  2. Blender Kit
  3. ISO Camera

This course will enable you to model your own Nintendo Switch, but for this class we will be going through simplified objects design.

This course is NOT intended to be a step by step process on how to make a perfect room replica. My goal is to teach you the techniques needed to make your own

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A Full Detail Course in Chapters, Along with Clear Commentary and Instructions

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Create A Nintendo Switch - Full Course

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